Sleep Now, School Later


Everyone disliked waking up early for the bus ride to your first period class back in High School. Some even faked sicked to get out from that early morning rise. A new study shows that those people had the right idea. Early school starting times may actually deprive students from improving their mental growth.

I Need My Beauty Sleep

For adolescents, starting school at a later time is detrimental to their cognitive growth.¬†Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center led a study that analyzed the sleep schedules and classroom performances of students at a Rhode Island school. What they found was that when students started school at a later time, they were not only less tired, but in better moods, alert, and participated more in class. Along with this, caffeine consumption was lowered for many students. What is even more impressive is that the school only pushed back the starting time of classes by 25 minutes. That extra snooze time is exactly what the students needed to carry on a productive day. What a relief for all those Ferris Buellers out there.

A Better Sleep for A Better Life

A popular sleep schedule among college students is not having a sleep schedule at all. This tends to become dangerous for people since sleep is a very important contributor to leading a healthy lifestyle. During sleep, the brain becomes highly active throughout many stages of the sleep cycle. This is detrimental for building that fresh and new feeling you get when you wake up from sleeping or from taking a nap. Many people seem to not know that sleep helps prevent heart conditions, cancer, and obesity. Along with this, getting the right amount of sleep in the night even helps combat depression. Without the advised amount of sleep, people become groggy, forgetful, and stressed out. So, if you’re trying to cram for a test or finish a project before hitting the hay, remember that you will be harming yourself long-term and would be better off to finish that assignment in the morning. See, Mom? I was right about sleeping into noon, it is good for me!

Let me know what you have to say and comment below. Should schools take measure to ensure that students gain more sleep for a better performance in schools?

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People Who Don’t Read

Pushing back the school starting times improved student’s retention, alertness, competence in school. Getting the right amount of sleep will improve your daily functioning, combat depression, and keep you from being stressed out, gaining weight, prevent cancer, and more.

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